There is so much to learn, and love, about sailing. That's why we have created this page library of article to help you throughout sailing adventures.

Learn to Sail has certain pattern to follow:

Level 1:

  • Learn basic skills of sailing
  • Learn to sail in day / Day sailing
  • Learn to do Rope work

Level 2:

  • Intermediate skills along with spinnaker handling
  • Advanced seamanship tactics and techniques
  • Basic rules and regulations of sailing and its terms

Level 3:

  • Advanced sailing skills - Performance sailing
  • Fine tune your sailing techniques

We at Boat Booking India make want you to learn to Sail and discover a whole new way of life. Ou0r learn to sail is not a course but is a carefully structured adventure sport as per international sailing standards customized to Indian conditions to give you experience of water sport adventure as well as you learn to sail by yourself.

So above matter is very technical and clear about what it takes to learn to sail. Now let’s see how can you learn, where can you learn and what do you get.

Learn to Sail and discover a new world of opportunities for adventure and fun for yourself as well as your family. Getting onto a sailboat and sailing out into the sea is actually a surprisingly very easy thing to do; only few realize it till they have tried it out. Once you have been introduced to this beautiful sailing activity, then you can be sure that you will never have had enough of it. The absolute versatility of sailing ensures that every individual falls in love with the sail, either as a hobby, a sport or as a leisure activity. Also to make you aware-even if you have never been out on the sea water before and cannot swim, our Learn to Sail courses expereince are for each and every individual.

Outcome of Learn to Sail

  • One becomes Confident and independent to manage a keel boat within harbour limits
  • Well versed with basic sailing skills
  • Able to learn safety and seamanship skills

Sailing in the Learn to Sail Course

At the Boat Booking India, we teach to sail on the private sailboat which is high in performance with an open cockpit and heavy keel, making it extremely fast and safe. A exciting and rewarding experience, yacht sailing is largely reliant on nature and its elements. Sailing starts with teaching the simple basics of safety and sailing skills so that by the end of it, one can confidently and independently be able to manage any keel boat within harbour limits, with all necessary knowledge of safety and seamanship skills learnt during the experience.

Age: 16 years onwards

Venue: Gateway of India, Mumbai and Bambolim, Goa

When: Held seven days a week. Flexible sessions that you will fix with instructor

Length of the Course

Level 1 – Basic Sailing (6 Sessions) – 3 hours per session

Level 2 – Spinnaker and Advanced Seamanship (2 Sessions) with 3 hours per session

Level 3 – Advanced Sailing with Assessment (2 Sessions) 3 hours per session

Duration per session: 2.0 to 2.5 hours

Boats: J24 or Jeanneau 54

Note: Previous sailing experience and knowledge of swimming not required

Special courses for 12-16 years also available taught on Laser Pico boats

Reason to explore Learn to Sail Course experience with Boat Booking India?

Premium Quality Equipment

Boat Booking India uses international class equipments for our Learn to Sail course, which is especially well-suited to learning and which ensures that beginners will learn in the shortest time possible.

World Class Instructors

We at Boat Booking India hire the most highly qualified, international level certified instructors.

International Structure and Format

Learn to sail course is structured as per international benchmarks and conducted under strict surveillance in the Mumbai harbour where wind conditions are predictable and the waters warm.

Get Addicted!

Once you complete basic Learn to Sail course, the opportunities are endless and our experience has shown that our learners keep coming back for more. What’s more, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed with family and friends. We at Boat Booking India not only look forward to connecting you to a vibrant sailing community,