Happy New Year – learn to sail should be your new resolution

What better way for Boat Booking India providing learn to sail lessons to start off the year by going sailing. The Boat Booking India crew will be racing their J24 on waves of Arabian Sea in the bright day. Winds are predicted to be light with clear sky. So it is going to be a light wind sailing day. For your information light wind sailing has few issues that many.. Read More

What are you doing for New Year 2017? How about Sailing in Mumbai?

Are you still thinking about what you’re doing for New Year 2017 yet? (We are guessing ‘no’, so we will continue!). How about Sailing in Mumbai? Sounds exciting! You probably and intentionally want to do something different? Something exciting? Something memorable, which all your peers and colleagues would feel jealous of? You wish to do something with, a few of close friends or family? Might be some classy place, but not.. Read More

First Sailing Experience

Everyone remembers its 1st birthday, 1st day in school, 1st love and so on. We at Boat Booking India are very sure that you will also remember your 1st sailing experience with us. While renting your sail boat you will be taken from Gateway of India, Mumbai to see some of the oldest lighthouses accompanied by sea gulls while you enjoy gentle splash of water. As you pass with your.. Read More

Sailing in Mumbai makes day special

Sailing in Mumbai can be made special by exclaiming your loved ones with surprises. Let’s see some of it! Why wait for valentines when you can book a private charter yacht or a sailboat and go for sailing in Mumbai with your and making it surprise for him or her! After valentines it’s about anniversary. How about going adventurous than romantic. Yes a Sailing in Mumbai on your anniversary can be.. Read More

Mumbai Sailing is the best weekend getaway

Sailing in Mumbai near gateway can be a stress buster for tiring weekdays. Thus, Mumbai sailing becomes the best weekend getaway. Let’s see how you can avail this. 1. Spare at least two hours from your weekend and you can avail this mesmerising experience of Sailing at gateway. 2. Do a well research on when, where and what time of the day you want experience this Mumbai sailing activity. 3… Read More

Sailing in Mumbai in November!

October November and December the months of holidays, festivals, lights and start of winters! So what do people normally plan? A family holiday or a get together. How about if we say Sailing in Mumbai on a private yacht? Sounds interesting! Let’s see what we are suggesting is the best activity for this season. Best Season: November month is the best season for Sailing in Mumbai. As there is no.. Read More

Things to do on Mumbai’s Coastline – Sailing in Mumbai is the Must!

Whether you’re weekend is accompanied by friends or with urself alone, the list of things to do on Mumbai’s coastline are endless. One of them is “Sailing in Mumbai is Must” This city of dreams offers many charming experiences.  And when you’ve ticked all the important landmarks off your itinerary, explore the blue patches of Coastline (and go sailing on the meandering pathways). Here are all the things you must.. Read More

Sailing in Mumbai is Not Hard!

Every Mumbaikar is now fond of sailing in Mumbai. But the reason why they don’t give a try as they think Sailing in Mumbai is Hard! So here is the small article from Boat Booking India to make you understand “Sailing in Mumbai is not that hard!” It’s a human tendency when anyone tries anything for the first time may think that it is not going to go as you.. Read More

Fun Sailing in Mumbai at Gateway

Sailing in Mumbai is no longer only for the wealthy few who can take pleasure of sailing in an enjoyable and lavish manner to stunning locations; Boat Booking India now makes it accessible at a range of cost options that permit you to choose best sailing options which suit your needs as well as at your own budget. With Boat Booking India, there is an unbelievable range of exciting sailing.. Read More

Sailing in Mumbai on J24

  Sailing in Mumbai was never so easy! Thanks to Boat Booking India and their elite fleet J24 sailboat. Want to feel the winds of Mumbai in your hair? Would you also like to discover a sight of Mumbai coastline that you never knew existed? At the cusp of dusk, when sun-rises or when it is just about to set, the weather starts to cool down! These are the great time’s or.. Read More